Hospital administrators and medical practitioners who are looking for a certified and experienced medical gas plumber to build, repair, or maintain the medical gas infrastructure in their medical facility located in the Dallas Fort Worth area can turn to the services offered by North Texas Plumbing.

Medical gases are the backbone of the patient care infrastructure in a medical facility. There are a lot of different gases that are currently used in a medical setting in the modern healthcare landscape. These include oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, instrument air or surgical air, carbon dioxide, medical vacuum, waste anesthetic gas disposal or anesthetic gas scavenging system, and medical gas mixtures. Each of these serves a crucial role in ensuring that the patient is given the support they need to pull through a difficult situation. These gases can be used to directly provide the patient with the help for breathing normally when their ability to properly pull air is impeded or obstructed due to a medical condition or the gases can be used to run several pieces medical of equipment that are providing auxiliary services that keep the patient alive through a critical phase.