Hot Water Heater Installation in Keller, TX Southlake TX or Dallas, TX

water heater installationWhen it is time to repair or replace your hot water heater you need a professional local plumber that you can trust.  Dallas Fort worth plumbing is standing by to help you quickly solve your hot water your problems.  Our professional technicians are available around the clock for your plumbing emergencies.  Call us now and experience the difference that our dedication to service brings to your home.   We will repair or replace your damaged or leaking water heater  quickly without delay at a very reasonable price.   We specialize in gas hot water heaters and gas tankless hot water heaters.

If your hot water heater has developed a leak, is delivering a restricted water flow or has stopped working entirely the Southlake Texas and Keller Texas professionals at Dallas Fort Worth plumbing will quickly isolate the problem and advise you on the best and most efficient solutions.

Whether you have an electric water heater with a tank, a gas tank water heater,  a tankless electric water heater or a gas tankless water heater we can repair or replace any type of water heater with minimal disruption to your daily life.   Trust the professionals at Dallas Fort Worth plumbing and you will be glad you did and save money at the same time.

 Some information about the different types of water heaters

hot water heater installElectric water heaters are the most inexpensive, but they are the most expensive to operate due to the cost of electricity versus gas.   This holds true for both tank-based electric water heaters and tankless models as well.

Gas water heaters are more expensive upfront, however they are more affordable over time because they have a much lower operating cost.    Another important consideration is that gas water heaters require venting to the outside wall electric ones do not.  However this is not an issue for our professional team of plumbers who can add the venting as needed.

The most efficient type of water heater is the tankless.   This is because the water is only exceeded as it is needed.   Unlike tank models which keep water heated constantly requiring a constant draw of energy,  tankless water heater models only heat the water on demand.   This results in lower energy costs whether you are using an electric tankless water heater or a gas tank water heater.

Regardless of the type water heater you need repaired or replaced you only need to make one call to Dallas-Fort Worth to get the best equipment and the best service at the most reasonable price.