North Texas Plumbing, based in Watauga, TX, is pleased to be offering plumbing for medical gas to clients in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. Hospital administrators and medical practitioners that are in need of certified and experienced medical gas plumbers to build, repair or maintain the medical gas infrastructure in their medical facilities can now rely on the expertise of North Texas Plumbing.

When it comes to patient care, proper access to medical gasses is often a crucial aspect of the infrastructure in a medical facility. There are several gasses that are currently used in a medical setting at present, and these include oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, instrument air or surgical air, carbon dioxide, medical vacuum, waste anesthetic gas disposal or anesthetic gas scavenging system and other medical gas mixtures. Each serves a different — and yet equally critical role — in supporting patients through the difficult situations they may be in. Some of these gasses can be administered directly to a patient to help maintain normal respiratory function when they are unable to do so unassisted, or these gasses may be used to run several pieces of medical equipment that are providing auxiliary services which function as life support systems to a patient who is critically ill. In either scenario, fully functional medical gas piping is necessary to help save a patient’s life.